The Show

The HigherEdTech Podcast focuses on helping professors better understand and utilize technology tools to increase engagement and productivity, while saving them time in their busy schedules.

The sow came about through Brent and Tim’s working relationship on the campus of Irvine Valley College in Southern California. As Brent made more and more ridiculous demands for specialized tech services, Tim unfailingly matched or bettered the requests. Recognizing that many higher education professors don’t get the support they need to understand the services available to them, Brent and Tim decided to move their unheard office conversations to the studio, thus launching the show.

While the show has a primary service audience of faculty on the campus of Irvine Valley College, the topics are broad enough to appeal to teachers on different college campuses and universities across California, the States, and beyond.

Tim VanNorman

Tim VanNorman

Tim is the Instructional Technologist at Irvine Valley College in California. With a passion for technology and helping people, this position enables him to work with teachers and students to improve everyone’s experience. Prior to coming to IVC, Tim was an IT Consultant, an experience he utilizes to help creatively develop solutions and assist teachers in reaching their goals for their classrooms. Working with IVC’s Online, Face to Face, and Hybrid classes has further developed his skills.

Actually enjoying public speaking, Tim produces weekly webinars for IVC faculty, regularly presents to different constituents at school, and co-hosts The Higher EdTech Podcast with Brent Warner.

Brent Warner

Brent is a professor of English as a Second Language at Irvine Valley College. His work focuses on building academic writing skills for multi-lingual learners and integrating technology in the learning process to help with language acquisition. He blends research-based pedagogy with cutting edge technology to find the best ways to help students become more efficient, autonomous learners.

Brent is a regular presenter for organizations like CUE and CATESOL and enjoys pursuing personal and professional development in his free time. On weekends you can find Brent searching Orange County for the perfect cup of coffee.